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Kashieca top | Forever 21 maxi skirt | Sophie bag | f2m necklace | Mendrez heels

Happy Easter everyone! I would like to apologize again for updating my blog just today. I almost forgot that I have a blog because I am enjoying my summer so much. I was able to visit new tourist destinations here in Albay and Sorsogon. The first thing I did when I went back here in Bicol is to start my two-month Insanity workout training for my #paandar2014. I promised my self that 2014 is my fitness year. Wish me luck!

This blog post was taken about ago already so I don’t know if I still look like that. Some of my relatives said that I look better now unlike last December. (Yaaaay for that!) Motivation and determination are the secrets of success! I can do this 😀

Enjoy your summer guys! Love lots.

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Before Sunrise







Thrifted sheer top| 50th Avenue satchel bag | Parisian pumps

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Last weekend, my friends and I went to this amazing and cool museum here in Baguio. We actually planned to go to a lot of places and roam around Baguio but we ended up here because most of us are broke and exhausted already. I actually enjoyed this place because there are a lot of art pieces that are blog-worthy and not to mention that the place is very peaceful and will make you feel relaxed. The museum has this modern feel because of it’s color and structure. It was built at the side of the mountain so you get to enjoy the view from top. You may also join an eco-trail activity. They also offer discounts for students!

I would recommend this place to those people who plans to visit Baguio anytime soon. This is a place wherein you can relax from the busy cities you came from at the same time you will enjoy the artworks of the Cordilleran people. They also have this restaurant inside the museum, Cafe Sabel, so that you won’t have a hard time looking for a place to eat.

P.S. The museum is a 10-15min away from the city proper. You may rent a cab or ride a jeepney going to Asin.

IMG_4836 IMG_4845 IMG_4848 IMG_4870


When I was looking at the hand-painted photographs gallery I saw a painting of my favorite church, of course, I did not miss the chance to take a picture with it. It made me miss Ilocos more.

IMG_4896 IMG_4920 IMG_4921 IMG_4924 IMG_4929 IMG_4930 IMG_4942 IMG_4943 IMG_4944 IMG_4947 IMG_4948 IMG_4950 IMG_4952 IMG_4953 IMG_5080 IMG_5081 IMG_5082 IMG_5094 IMG_5099 IMG_5100 IMG_5103 IMG_5106 IMG_5109 IMG_5119 IMG_5074

With my crazy-amazing friends! I will miss you guys 😦

Now that I’m done with my finals, I can say IT’S SUMMER TIME! See you Manila and Bicol sooooon.

Photos by me and Krshzeus’ tripod

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Time After Time

IMG_3922 IMG_3919 IMG_3899 IMG_3897

Forever 21 muscle tee and pants | SM Department Store cap and shoes | Ray Ban sunnies

It was unusual for me to wear sleeveless tops before because I don’t like showing-off my fat arms, but now I don’t really care because I love the muscle tee trend. It makes everyone look they got inner swag in them.

Photos by Krshzeus De Jezsus


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IMG_4367 IMG_4383 IMG_4389 IMG_4409 IMG_4421 IMG_4428 IMG_4437Just G hanging top and skirt | Floral polo used as a wrap-around from my friend Nikki | Eyewear from Sunnies by Charlie | Blue Instax Mini from Camera Haus | bag from Night Market

Hi guys! Ilocos is a place everyone should visit. You will be amazed by how they were able to preserve the place. It gave me a lot of memories that I will treasure forever.

This is what I wore on the last day of our tour. I decided to wear a skirt because my friends told me beforehand that it is really hot in Ilocos Sur. I made sure that I won’t have that embarrassing moment with my skirt again and that’s why I brought this polo from my friend Nikki and used it as a wrap-around. The Herritage Village was a perfect place for a photo shoot like this ❤

This Vigan blog post would be my favorite so far!

Photos by Krshzeus De Jesus

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Come Away With Me


IMG_3819Sorry for the messy hair guys.




Just G top | brown leggings from Night Market | Scarf from Rob Galleria | Havainas flip-tops

This is my travel look on the first day of our Ilocos tour, meaning this is what I wore in the bus on our way to Ilocos. Haha. I never intend to post this but I saw something in these photos that was blog-worthy – the place!

Wearing cotton shirts, leggings, and slippers is my definition of comfort. Every time I’m travelling via bus I always were these combo because it’s hassle free and I can move around freely. I just added the scarf to make it look more classy and gives me the tourist feels. I really fell in love with this place because it looks like Europe.

Photos by Krshzeus De Jesus

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Ilocos Travel Diary

Last weekend, we were given a chance to tour around Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur for our History class. Good thing is that my friends and I have the same professor so we get the chance to learn the Spanish Culture here in the Philippines at the same time bond with each other and gain new friends. We’ve been excited about this tour for months because we madly need a break from the stressful environment from the university. On our first day, we went to a lot of museums and churches of Norte and also we were able to visit the famous Bangui Windmills and Cape Bojeador (Burgos Lighthouse). We spent our night at Plaza Del Norte, one of the best hotel in the North. On the second day, we visited the Juan Luna Shrine and the Malacanang of the North. That was the place where the Marcos Family resided for years. Then we went to Vigan and visited the Burgos and Crisologo Museum. After, we went to the Heritage Village and witnessed the Spanish houses. We also rode a kalesa! Our last destination was a zoo called Baluarte. We roamed around the area and took pictures for keeps.IMG_3839


Sta. Monica Church



Convent Ruins. I just love how this place makes me feel like I’m in Rome.


The famous Bangui Windmills! This place is love.


A masterpiece of a finalist from Project Runway. You will find it at Marcos Museum in Sarrat.


Some of the Ilocos weaving products.



page 8

Crop tops, Ilocos version. Hahaha



Ilocos Region deserves to be commended because they were able to preserve most of Imelda Marcos’ filipiniana collection. Each of her mestiza dress is a work of art. From the details to the flawless seam lines, perfect!

page 6

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IMG_40471959381_668630719860893_841454497_nChurch of San Agustin-Paoay

Does this church look familiar? To some of you who have watched Suddenly It’s Magic, you’re right! This is the church where Erich Gonzales brought Mario Maurer. Actually, as soon as I recognized it, I immediately went out of the bus to feel the place. I really fell in love with it and promised my self that I will get married here someday. I know it’s too early but I can’t help it because that church would definitely be every girl’s dream wedding church.

IMG_4216Dragon Fruit Ice Cream

page 7

Introducing a new friend of mine! I find his style really cute so I grabbed the chance to take a photo of him and blog about it. Hi there Klanz!


The beautiful girls I spent my weekend with ❤


Hooooray to new friends! No to awkwardness! HAHAHA (ehem)

I’ll definitely go back to this place because of the beautiful memories I made there and I’ve learned a lot of things about our history. I also gained a lot of friends here. And of course, I was so kilig because someone I thought will not come, joined the tour. ILOCOS is LOVE.

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