A New Perspective

Hi everyone! Missed me? Awwwwe, I missed you too. HAHA! Anyway, I’m trying something totally different here so you won’t find any style advice from this post, but I am hoping that you will also like this new thing I’m in to right now.

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My bucket list this 2015 😀

Have you ever experienced that one moment (or more) that you woke up one morning feeling completely different? Earlier this year, as part of my new year’s resolution, I decided to completely change my style. If you are one of my readers, you know that I love wearing unusual outfits, from long slits to wild prints, and maybe there are times that you even thought is she really blogging this? For the past few months, I’ve been wearing laid-back clothes regularly. You will often see me wearing my statement shirts (all in color grey), shorts, jeans, and sneakers.  Friends always ask me, what happened to you? Are you still going to update your blog? Why no more eye-catching outfits? Stressed lately? Still working out? WHAT HAPPENED RAYVEN, YOU’RE NOT YOU RECENTLY? Let me tell you my dear friends, I also feel totally different, and I cannot explain why, maybe “I woke up like this” (Got it from one shirt I’ve been eyeing lately). Anyway, I’ve been through a lot of distress last year and I feel bad for still bringing it to this year. That’s why I don’t feel like dressing up in school anymore. I feel so self-conscious, gloomy, and fragile- that anytime I will explode. There were a lot of breakdowns that even my friends thought that I’m going cray-cray already.

I know a lot of you watched this movie That Thing Called Tadhana so I don’t need to explain it. Maybe you are thinking, “Oh she loved that movie because she can relate to it!” Honestly, I can’t relate to it. I even got bored during those lengthy conversations and skipped those parts. What I liked about it is that it gave me an idea what to do!

Maybe I’m the last person you will think of when it comes to climbing mountains. I don’t hate physical activities, I finished Insanity! Remember? But, hiking is totally different. I even got a fight with a friend when he asked me to accompany him back in our college because it means a lot of climbing stairs. Right now, I’m assuming that you have a clear picture of how I loath climbing anything. Last month, during my emo days, I saw the pub mat posted by the UP Baguio Mountaineers club that they are going to have a mass orientation. It got my attention since I’ve just finished watching the movie mentioned above but I’m completely hesitant if I will attend to this mass orye since I’m doubting my capabilities. I opened it up to my friends and asked them if they are interested and if they like to accompany me. Sadly, they have 0% interest and even thought that I was joking about my interest. To cut the story short, I joined the application process ALONE! Alone, meaning I don’t know anyone and I’m entering something out of my comfort zone.

The whole application process is very hard that you might have second thoughts since it will take up a lot of your time, especially your weekends, energy, and patience. I am required to run specific kilometers and attend basic mountaineering lectures before each hike. These runs are not the usual runs you know of, you are actually going to run trails! These trails are so exhausting and might get you to quit the process. But luckily, I survived it and pushed myself. My first hike knocked me out- literally. I just noticed myself catching my breath, cursing, dehydrated, and drained all throughout the hike. And have I mentioned, almost crying and felt I was dying? Yes, I felt really scared passing by all those cliffs and crying inside because I cannot back-out anymore on the middle of the mountain. So I just took away all those negativity and go on with all the walking.

In each hike you will feel the adrenaline rush, this actually made me feel better. This adrenaline rush can be the outlet of all the baggage you have within you. You can actually pour all those bad memories each time you need to step on that elevated part and fight the gravity. My favorite part is reaching the camp site, after the 3-4 hours hike you will finally be able to pitch your tent, rest, freshen up, and enjoy the majestic scenery offered by Mother Nature. Also, being with this group of people, so different from each other, will make you feel you belong. Now, I’m down with my second hike which was totally breathtaking since Mt. Andolor will offer you majestic view 360 degrees. And the sunrise from the campsite was priceless. I’m looking forward to more hikes with this bunch of awesome people and hikes with my dear friends (Hi guys, I hope you are reading this part). And hopefully, finish the application process and be a full-pledged mountaineer. BUT, I’m not saying goodbye to my fashion journey, okay? I’m just taking my time soul-searching. We don’t know, I might post a style post from the peak of a mountain. We’ll see.

So here are some photos I want to share with you taken from my humble iPad:


A hanging bridge you will encounter during your hike to Mt. Sto Tomas


The rice we cooked was actually the best


Mt. Kabuyao Bed Rock


Mickey Mouse ears! Or just what we call it in school


Another hanging bridge on your way to Mt. Andolor


This is what happiness looks like


Mini-community we made on top



Priceless sunrise of Mt. Andolor


Waking up early is so not me so here’s my shirt


We also passed by this cool trail full of white flowers (Photo from Sir Domogo)


And lastly, my favorite mountain photo so far


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2 Responses to A New Perspective

  1. Eireen says:

    Uyy sobrang proud ko sayo grabe!! Di ko ma express pero habang binabasa ko to dami kong feels for you hahah. Very fangirl ang lola mo dito talaga ako nagcomment haha. Ayun push mo lang yan!! I’m happy to see u happy yass (naiinggit din pala ako thanks haha) miss youuu

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