One Year of Fierceness

Dear readers! It’s my Blog Anniversary today, November 19. YAAAAY! It’s been a great year so far for me because I was able to do things that I never thought I can do.

So let me tell you a story, ever since elementary, I am a very insecure girl because of my weight and color. I am really morena back then and really chubby. I envy my friends because they are always picked as muses when there are parades and programs in school. I was never the pretty girl in class. So when I entered high school, I thought that I won’t be that girl anymore because of new school and new friends. I was wrong. High school was the time where puberty will strike us. Once again, I was never hit by puberty like a truck. Actually, it’s the other way around. It’s where my pimple breakout took place, darker skin because of PE, and a lot of buhaghag hair days. This was also the time when everyday is a pig out day for me because of too much stress in school and orgs. So I became really chubby to the point that my uniform cannot fit me anymore.

I almost hated love because of high school. Love triggered my insecurities. I fell in love with guys that cannot love me back. I hated myself for a long time. I always compare myself with other girls.  There are times like proms when I almost want to backout because I look awful with my gown and make-up. And because of that I spent the whole night sitting alone while everyone was sweet dancing. But everything changed when I was in fourth year. I was chosen during fashion shows in school and got the chance to showcase myself. That was the time also that I had my first boyfriend (My 6-year crush). And became a part of an amazing organization that really empowered me as a person. There was this separation anxiety before graduation because I felt like it was too soon for me to leave high school because I experienced happiness only at the latter part.

Entering college was very crucial for me because I was rejected by my dream school, UP. I cried for weeks because I wasn’t able to pass UPCAT and I’ve been preparing for it for months. I almost thought of not going to college because of that, but then, opportunity came and i was able to be reconsidered in UP Baguio because of my UPG. That was the happiest day of my life!

So my first year in college was a blast because of super cool blocmates and new “fashown” friends. And not to mention, this is the year where I am really fat. But because I was surrounded by very supportive group of friends, it did not hinder me to wear clothes that I want. It all started with OOTD pictures before Math class (Hi Nikki!) and dress up sessions during SC10. I received a lot of compliments from other people because of my style and confidence. So I thought why not make a blog for myself and for me to share it with other. So right after the sembreak, I launched this blog that I never thought will reach a lot of people (almost 4k views YAAAAY!!). This blog became an outlet of what I feel and what I want to say. This became an extension of myself. A part of me. So I cannot thank you all enough for supporting this blog and for making me inspired during those times that I almost want to stop. I love you all!















 Thrifted top | Swapped shorts with Nikki | SM Department Store sunnies | Pull & Bear sneakers

I know a lot of you guys are also having problems with bringing extra clothes when going out for a quick change. So here is one sample of changing your look without changing your clothes. I am wearing black top and shorts and matched it with my printed sneakers. As you can see this is very casual. So for my day look, since I am wearing black, I wore a neon sunnies to give it an edgy touch. So even if you’re just wearing one color you can still look cool with just one fashion statement piece.

What I did to make it look classy is that I tucked in my top to make it look like a romper and matched it with accessories and a sling bag. One tip is that use gold or silver when wearing black to have an instant night out/classy look. And tadaaaah, no more hassle extra bags when going out.

I hope this blog post gave you an inspiration for your next dress-up kind of days. And thank you for being with me during my first year in blogging. I LOVE YOU ALL!

 Photos by Nikki Paglomutan


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