Black x Red


Midriff borrowed from Nikki | Skirt and sling bag from SM Department Store | Pumps from Parisian

Make-up by: Mai-Mai Ludovico

Weeks ago, we went to Tarlac to attend a friend’s debut. I feel like I can roam around Luzon just by attending debuts LOL. But anyway, it was a fun experience because it’s my first time in Tarlac, I mean not really the first time but my first time to stay there for almost a day. What happened there is the usual make-up and dress-up sesh with my girl friends plus Jason. Also, we were able to meet school mates from UP Baguio the we’ve never seen before.

So the motif of the debut was Black, White, and Red. Originally, I will wear something black and white, but sadly, I was not able to find anything white that will suit me. I can already say that white doesn’t really suit me at all. It makes me look bigger -.- HAHAHA! Anyway, I was able to find this really cool skirt. My friend Nikki told me that it’s a very good buy already because it suits the midriff she lent me (Perks of having co-blogger friends: borrowing each other’s wardrobe). And because our Nanay Mai-Mai was also there, we grabbed the opportunity to have our make-up done by her. I like it when she does my make -up because it’s very light and almost natural. Since everyone was so busy, I am the one who did my hair. Luckily, I’ve been practicing curling my hair using hair iron during free time. So tadaaah, that’s the outcome of our styling/beauty/debut preps session. My friends and I are already planning to have a team for this kind of events. HAHAHA! We already have a career after college, what do you think?

Photos by Jason Cabrera


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