Black Dress

IMG_8880IMG_8862IMG_8870Weird eyes though HAHAHA 😛

IMG_8877Nope, not my cigarette.IMG_8898IMG_8894IMG_8883


Black dress borrowed from Eireen | Necklace borrowed from Nikki | Topshop wedges

So as you can see, I have my very good friends with me who even let me borrow their clothes and accessories for the debut I attended weeks ago. Something came up so I need to use Eireen’s spare dress for that night. The best case scenario happened because it was able to fit me (wew!). Please forgive my awkward hand poses in this blog post because as I have mentioned in my previous posts, it is very rare for me to wear sleeveless clothes and doing a shoot with it was definitely a struggle. I also did my make-up here because I  was able to absorb all the “kaartehan” on that day. I’m not sure tho if I did a good job back there so you guys should do the judging here. I’m in need of your feedback (Hahaha!).

My college friends and I went all the way from Baguio to Tanay, Rizal to attend the debut of our “nanay” Mai-Mai. It was a very fun experience for us because we were able to experience Manila life for a day. We experienced all the sweating, jeepney, bus, and FX rides, and a lot of walking. Yes, it was really tiring but a very fulfilling experience because we were able to come back in Baguio healthy and ALIVE. Also, the fact that  we were doing the dressing up and experimenting with each other’s faces and hairs at Mai’s house was EPIC enough for me.

BTW, Hello October!

Too many memories for September tho. I was able to facilitate during Graders Convention of CMLI, our Manila-Rizal experience, tons of acad works and surprise SocAn LE, lots of OOTDs, pigging-out at its finest, doing a pre-debut shoot with Ellaine, too many to mention campus embarrassing moments, and most of all kinilig-ng-konti-at-nasaktan-ng-bongga. There were a lot of things happened to me and most of them are not good enough for keeps but I can say that I have a lot of things realized and learned. I hope I will have a great October ahead of me, and of course you guys too. Thanks for reading! Love lots.

Photos by Nikki Paglomutan


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