Trouble Trouble







Forever21 muscle tee| Black jacket from Hong Kong | Janylin booties

Okay, I’m having this Taylor Swift kind of weekend right now because her songs make me feel better. It’s been a crappy week for me– lots of acads, poor time management, laundry (urgh), and rejections. So yeah, that’s the story behind the title of my blog post.

A few weeks back, we did this activity in our Speech Communication 101 class wherein we need to “power dress-up”. We need to wear something really different from our usual get-up. Not only that, we need to visit a public place and accomplish a certain task. So my task was to help a stranger bring their belongings which is obviously NOT heavy. Okay, that task was really weird! And when I did the task, the stranger really thought I am out of my mind and he was looking at me like I’m going to steal his cookies.

So I chose this look because it’s far from the usual clothes I wear in the campus. I look like a rebel and emo here. Very dark! (Like what I feel right now </3 =( ='( Okay, never mind that) I always wear skirt and colorful stuff. I don’t wear make-up or any coloring on my face so I thought maybe I can change it by wearing eyeliner and dark red lipstick.

I really enjoyed the activity because…….DRESS-UP! ❤

P.S. The photos are from my iPad that’s why I’m really sorry for the low quality shots.

Photos by: Nikki Paglomutan


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Fashion Enthusiast • Communication Student • Amateur Photographer
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