Macau: The Venetian Hotel


( Before anything else, congratulate me for having my hair shorter! LOL. It’s been 5 years already since the last time I had my hair this short. )

Hi everyone! Last week my tita decided to bring me to Macau and Hong Kong for my post 18th Birthday celebration. It was my first year high school dream to visit Macau because I was an avid fan of Boys Over Flowers back then and I fell in love with Macau because of that Koreanovela. I want to experience all the things Jan Di did there especially when she went to The Venetian Hotel.  Luckily, I was able to recreate some when I visited the place. So here’s how my Venetian tour went:

IMG_5590 IMG_5518






IMG_5546IMG_5545IMG_5563IMG_5564IMG_5576IMG_5575IMG_5554Lord Stow’s egg tart is the best. Worth a try!


Macau=expensive stuff



And the highlight of our Venetian experience…..riding the gondola!

IMG_5568IMG_5570IMG_5571A Filipino gondolier 😀



 As you can see, I was able to buy something there regardless of the fact that almost all of the things there are expensive. I found this store with cute shirts and shoes, I’m not sure if it is a local brand there or something. The price of the items are reasonable enough, so I was able to convince myself to buy something. If you visit Macau, this store is a must on your checklist. AND, they are always on sale! Pull & Bear 😀



Jacket from Hong Kong |  Forever 21 sweatshirt | Just G skirt | Bag from Bicol souvenir shop | SM Dept. Store shoes

I apologize for some blurry shots. My tita was having a hard time taking those shots because she’s not used to using SLR cameras. But anyway, this trip was definitely one for the books! Cheers! 😀


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