Forever 21 maxi skirt | Clutch borrowed from lola | Rusty Lopez gladiator heels | Ring from Robinson’s Dept. Store

Hi dear readers! I’m really sorry if it took me forever to update my blog. The almost-five-months summer vacation really inspired me to work my ass out and change my lazy lifestyle. I dared myself to start the two-month challenge of Insanity because a lot of people are talking about it because of the amazing transformation it will give you afterwards. I enjoyed everything about it that I almost forgot that I have this precious blog of mine. 

I did this shoot early May with my very good friend Danna Calleja. I was hesitant to post this because obviously I still have those baby fats in my tummy. But I don’t know what got in to me today that I decided to post this now. I’m really pushing myself hard to have another shoot without those fats anymore. I’m really looking forward to it and I hope you guys too. 

Stay updated! Thank you.

P.S I know, my hair looks really weird and it really needs help. Haha. Planning to have a haircut and a darker hair color next week! But for now, enjoy 😀

Photos by Danna Calleja


About Rayven Nepomuceno

Fashion Enthusiast • Communication Student • Amateur Photographer
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