Hanes plaid polo | Thrifted shirt | SM Department Store cap and boots | bag from a bazaar in Robinsons Galleria

Hey guys, Happy New Year! Long time no post. I want to apologize for a month with no style update here in my blog. Loads of school work welcomed me when I went back here in Baguio (long exams, sleepless nights of making papers, and a lot more). Also, the cold weather from the past few weeks was stopping me from posting here because I am not really comfortable doing shoots outside especially when it is really cold. Good thing is that Mr. Sun is now back in Baguio. Yaaaaay!

If you have noticed it, the purple color of my hair already faded that is why I am already embracing this ombre hair of mine. I am really sad because my hair is really unruly these past few days that is why I need to wear this cute cap. So,  I am planning to cut my hair shorter and color it with purple all the way for summer, what do you think? I want to achieve that look before the school year ends. I’m really looking forward to it 😀

BTW! I already changed the blog address. A lot of you are having a hard time typing my previous blog address because it was really long (yeah, i know). Hope you like the new one!

Photos by Krshzeus de Jesus



About Rayven Nepomuceno

Fashion Enthusiast • Communication Student • Amateur Photographer
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