Beach Lovin’










Kamiseta top | Forever 21 skirt | Sunnies by Charlie eye wear | Wooden bracelet c/0 tita | Havaianas slippers

This afternoon my tita’s friends decided to go to the beach so I thought of joining them so that I can take pictures for blogging. Vacation is depriving me of the time for my baby (blog). These past few days I’ve been hanging out with my elementary and high school friends and also doing some preps for the holiday events which means a lot of time away from the computer. So a while ago I grabbed my not-so-lazy-and-not-so-busy afternoon for this. YAY for that!

One thing I really missed here in Bicol especially here in Donsol is the beach! One thing that Baguio is lacking (LOL), so I thought that this is the right time for a beach-themed post. Actually, I am really having a hard time thinking of other poses which are not awkward for me so I stick with my signature pose. I am loving this sunnies which I bought during our term break and this slippers from my tita last Christmas, that’s why it deserves a feature here in my blog.

BTW, Happy One Month for this blog. Hahaha! Happy Holidays ❤ 


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Fashion Enthusiast • Communication Student • Amateur Photographer
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