Floral Swag







Thrifted jersey shirt | Just G shorts | SM Department Store floral cap

It’s my second to the last day of school today and I only need to submit my final paper in Philosophy. So it means I have more time to take photos for my blog with my good friends Krshzeus and Nikki. Nikki is also new here in blogging like me so if you have extra time please check out her blog too, click here.

I am loving this cap I bought yesterday because it’s really girly and at the same time giving you a swag look. I’ve been looking for caps like this for a long time but I can’t find one. But when we went to SM last Friday before our barkada “Christmas Party/Gala”, Nikki saw this cute cap at the kids section and planned to buy it next year. I really want the cap and I also have extra money so I bought it. Hahaha.

My Christmas vacation is really near and it means goodbye Baguio cold weather and hello to Bicol summer feels. I will miss the ice-cold water every morning, STAIRS!!,  UP, and especially my college friends here.  See you next year guys!

P.S. I am not wearing my glasses here! Hahaha. It’s been so long.

Photos by Krshzeus de Jesus


About Rayven Nepomuceno

Fashion Enthusiast • Communication Student • Amateur Photographer
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