Stripes x Floral








Just G hanging top and skirt | Bargained watch | Marc Jacobs sling bag c/o tita | Pines Arcade Stall earrings | SM Department Store sneakers

Choosing the right background is really hard. Good thing, UP is surrounded by different places and buildings with a lot of  blog-worthy background. The first picture is taken at the side of the catwalk (near Manang Mani, UPB peeps of course you know her) but it was really awkward because a lot of students are passing by and they keep on watching me. The rest of the pictures are taken at the back of the library near the Archives Room. I find that place really secure especially if you are shy posing in front of a lot of people. Choosing  backgrounds inside UP is really cool because it is hassle-free and I don’t need to go to SM and take pictures there and also I don’t need to cram going back to UP for my next class.

Few years ago, it’s really unusual for me to wear clothes that show my legs because I have chubby legs. But when I became a fashion enthusiast I dared myself to wear shorts. During those times that I am wearing something short, I feel very insecure and uneasy because I feel that people are talking about me and teasing me. But after some time wearing those, I already overcame my insecurities and became comfortable wearing them. So just a tip to all who also has a fear wearing shorts like the old-me: Don’t mind those jerks out there and BE CONFIDENT!

Photos by Krshzeus de Jesus


About Rayven Nepomuceno

Fashion Enthusiast • Communication Student • Amateur Photographer
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