Slits All The Way







Herbench top | Forever 21 maxi skirt | Bargained watch | Cose bag | Banaue wooden bracelet |SM Department Store pink combat boots

It’s been days since I last posted here in my blog and I’m really sorry for that. I am spending a lot of time now for school work (GC Mode!) and late night Christmas gift shopping. I really find it fun looking for gifts around Baguio, from SM to Night Market a lot of cool stuff can be found and for a very affordable price.

Wearing skirt last sem is very unusual for me like what I have mentioned from my previous blogs but when this sem started I surprised my friends when I wore a maxi skirt and went for a very girly-look. I tried to re-invent that reaction when I wore this in class last week. Wearing a maxi + combat boots is very Joyce Pring inspired (I hope you know her, she is very amazing). I saw her during Candy Fair wearing a very long white dress and matched it with her pink Doc Martens, I really love that outfit of hers! I told myself to try that kind of outfit in school and as you can see, I DID! This polka dots  top I am wearing is a birthday present from my very good friend Lilian Aspe. BTW! Vote for her in this grand debut competition, click here. Thank you guys 😀

Photos by Krshzeus de Jesus


About Rayven Nepomuceno

Fashion Enthusiast • Communication Student • Amateur Photographer
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