Playing with Gray and Blue









Just G sweatshirt | Bazaar skater skirt | Thrifted sling bag | Zanea espadrille | Baguio Market knitted beanie | Aldo watch

The weather here in Baguio really gives me a chance to wear clothes that I can’t wear in Manila or Bicol like sweatshirt, skirt, and beanie (due to the climate there and for some reasons Hahaha). Also, living here in Baguio means unlimited access to the Night Market, this place is where you can find the cheapest clothes on Earth (not sarcastic) like a high-end brand of shirt for only 10 pesos and a cool bag for 50 pesos  like this sling bag of mine.

Photos by Krshzeus de Jesus


About Rayven Nepomuceno

Fashion Enthusiast • Communication Student • Amateur Photographer
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2 Responses to Playing with Gray and Blue

  1. Ysa Mercader says:

    I know that “some reasons” you are talking about. Hahaha!

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