A New Perspective

Hi everyone! Missed me? Awwwwe, I missed you too. HAHA! Anyway, I’m trying something totally different here so you won’t find any style advice from this post, but I am hoping that you will also like this new thing I’m in to right now.

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My bucket list this 2015 😀

Have you ever experienced that one moment (or more) that you woke up one morning feeling completely different? Earlier this year, as part of my new year’s resolution, I decided to completely change my style. If you are one of my readers, you know that I love wearing unusual outfits, from long slits to wild prints, and maybe there are times that you even thought is she really blogging this? For the past few months, I’ve been wearing laid-back clothes regularly. You will often see me wearing my statement shirts (all in color grey), shorts, jeans, and sneakers.  Friends always ask me, what happened to you? Are you still going to update your blog? Why no more eye-catching outfits? Stressed lately? Still working out? WHAT HAPPENED RAYVEN, YOU’RE NOT YOU RECENTLY? Let me tell you my dear friends, I also feel totally different, and I cannot explain why, maybe “I woke up like this” (Got it from one shirt I’ve been eyeing lately). Anyway, I’ve been through a lot of distress last year and I feel bad for still bringing it to this year. That’s why I don’t feel like dressing up in school anymore. I feel so self-conscious, gloomy, and fragile- that anytime I will explode. There were a lot of breakdowns that even my friends thought that I’m going cray-cray already.

I know a lot of you watched this movie That Thing Called Tadhana so I don’t need to explain it. Maybe you are thinking, “Oh she loved that movie because she can relate to it!” Honestly, I can’t relate to it. I even got bored during those lengthy conversations and skipped those parts. What I liked about it is that it gave me an idea what to do!

Maybe I’m the last person you will think of when it comes to climbing mountains. I don’t hate physical activities, I finished Insanity! Remember? But, hiking is totally different. I even got a fight with a friend when he asked me to accompany him back in our college because it means a lot of climbing stairs. Right now, I’m assuming that you have a clear picture of how I loath climbing anything. Last month, during my emo days, I saw the pub mat posted by the UP Baguio Mountaineers club that they are going to have a mass orientation. It got my attention since I’ve just finished watching the movie mentioned above but I’m completely hesitant if I will attend to this mass orye since I’m doubting my capabilities. I opened it up to my friends and asked them if they are interested and if they like to accompany me. Sadly, they have 0% interest and even thought that I was joking about my interest. To cut the story short, I joined the application process ALONE! Alone, meaning I don’t know anyone and I’m entering something out of my comfort zone.

The whole application process is very hard that you might have second thoughts since it will take up a lot of your time, especially your weekends, energy, and patience. I am required to run specific kilometers and attend basic mountaineering lectures before each hike. These runs are not the usual runs you know of, you are actually going to run trails! These trails are so exhausting and might get you to quit the process. But luckily, I survived it and pushed myself. My first hike knocked me out- literally. I just noticed myself catching my breath, cursing, dehydrated, and drained all throughout the hike. And have I mentioned, almost crying and felt I was dying? Yes, I felt really scared passing by all those cliffs and crying inside because I cannot back-out anymore on the middle of the mountain. So I just took away all those negativity and go on with all the walking.

In each hike you will feel the adrenaline rush, this actually made me feel better. This adrenaline rush can be the outlet of all the baggage you have within you. You can actually pour all those bad memories each time you need to step on that elevated part and fight the gravity. My favorite part is reaching the camp site, after the 3-4 hours hike you will finally be able to pitch your tent, rest, freshen up, and enjoy the majestic scenery offered by Mother Nature. Also, being with this group of people, so different from each other, will make you feel you belong. Now, I’m down with my second hike which was totally breathtaking since Mt. Andolor will offer you majestic view 360 degrees. And the sunrise from the campsite was priceless. I’m looking forward to more hikes with this bunch of awesome people and hikes with my dear friends (Hi guys, I hope you are reading this part). And hopefully, finish the application process and be a full-pledged mountaineer. BUT, I’m not saying goodbye to my fashion journey, okay? I’m just taking my time soul-searching. We don’t know, I might post a style post from the peak of a mountain. We’ll see.

So here are some photos I want to share with you taken from my humble iPad:


A hanging bridge you will encounter during your hike to Mt. Sto Tomas


The rice we cooked was actually the best


Mt. Kabuyao Bed Rock


Mickey Mouse ears! Or just what we call it in school


Another hanging bridge on your way to Mt. Andolor


This is what happiness looks like


Mini-community we made on top



Priceless sunrise of Mt. Andolor


Waking up early is so not me so here’s my shirt


We also passed by this cool trail full of white flowers (Photo from Sir Domogo)


And lastly, my favorite mountain photo so far

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One Year of Fierceness

Dear readers! It’s my Blog Anniversary today, November 19. YAAAAY! It’s been a great year so far for me because I was able to do things that I never thought I can do.

So let me tell you a story, ever since elementary, I am a very insecure girl because of my weight and color. I am really morena back then and really chubby. I envy my friends because they are always picked as muses when there are parades and programs in school. I was never the pretty girl in class. So when I entered high school, I thought that I won’t be that girl anymore because of new school and new friends. I was wrong. High school was the time where puberty will strike us. Once again, I was never hit by puberty like a truck. Actually, it’s the other way around. It’s where my pimple breakout took place, darker skin because of PE, and a lot of buhaghag hair days. This was also the time when everyday is a pig out day for me because of too much stress in school and orgs. So I became really chubby to the point that my uniform cannot fit me anymore.

I almost hated love because of high school. Love triggered my insecurities. I fell in love with guys that cannot love me back. I hated myself for a long time. I always compare myself with other girls.  There are times like proms when I almost want to backout because I look awful with my gown and make-up. And because of that I spent the whole night sitting alone while everyone was sweet dancing. But everything changed when I was in fourth year. I was chosen during fashion shows in school and got the chance to showcase myself. That was the time also that I had my first boyfriend (My 6-year crush). And became a part of an amazing organization that really empowered me as a person. There was this separation anxiety before graduation because I felt like it was too soon for me to leave high school because I experienced happiness only at the latter part.

Entering college was very crucial for me because I was rejected by my dream school, UP. I cried for weeks because I wasn’t able to pass UPCAT and I’ve been preparing for it for months. I almost thought of not going to college because of that, but then, opportunity came and i was able to be reconsidered in UP Baguio because of my UPG. That was the happiest day of my life!

So my first year in college was a blast because of super cool blocmates and new “fashown” friends. And not to mention, this is the year where I am really fat. But because I was surrounded by very supportive group of friends, it did not hinder me to wear clothes that I want. It all started with OOTD pictures before Math class (Hi Nikki!) and dress up sessions during SC10. I received a lot of compliments from other people because of my style and confidence. So I thought why not make a blog for myself and for me to share it with other. So right after the sembreak, I launched this blog that I never thought will reach a lot of people (almost 4k views YAAAAY!!). This blog became an outlet of what I feel and what I want to say. This became an extension of myself. A part of me. So I cannot thank you all enough for supporting this blog and for making me inspired during those times that I almost want to stop. I love you all!















 Thrifted top | Swapped shorts with Nikki | SM Department Store sunnies | Pull & Bear sneakers

I know a lot of you guys are also having problems with bringing extra clothes when going out for a quick change. So here is one sample of changing your look without changing your clothes. I am wearing black top and shorts and matched it with my printed sneakers. As you can see this is very casual. So for my day look, since I am wearing black, I wore a neon sunnies to give it an edgy touch. So even if you’re just wearing one color you can still look cool with just one fashion statement piece.

What I did to make it look classy is that I tucked in my top to make it look like a romper and matched it with accessories and a sling bag. One tip is that use gold or silver when wearing black to have an instant night out/classy look. And tadaaaah, no more hassle extra bags when going out.

I hope this blog post gave you an inspiration for your next dress-up kind of days. And thank you for being with me during my first year in blogging. I LOVE YOU ALL!

 Photos by Nikki Paglomutan

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Black x Red


Midriff borrowed from Nikki | Skirt and sling bag from SM Department Store | Pumps from Parisian

Make-up by: Mai-Mai Ludovico

Weeks ago, we went to Tarlac to attend a friend’s debut. I feel like I can roam around Luzon just by attending debuts LOL. But anyway, it was a fun experience because it’s my first time in Tarlac, I mean not really the first time but my first time to stay there for almost a day. What happened there is the usual make-up and dress-up sesh with my girl friends plus Jason. Also, we were able to meet school mates from UP Baguio the we’ve never seen before.

So the motif of the debut was Black, White, and Red. Originally, I will wear something black and white, but sadly, I was not able to find anything white that will suit me. I can already say that white doesn’t really suit me at all. It makes me look bigger -.- HAHAHA! Anyway, I was able to find this really cool skirt. My friend Nikki told me that it’s a very good buy already because it suits the midriff she lent me (Perks of having co-blogger friends: borrowing each other’s wardrobe). And because our Nanay Mai-Mai was also there, we grabbed the opportunity to have our make-up done by her. I like it when she does my make -up because it’s very light and almost natural. Since everyone was so busy, I am the one who did my hair. Luckily, I’ve been practicing curling my hair using hair iron during free time. So tadaaah, that’s the outcome of our styling/beauty/debut preps session. My friends and I are already planning to have a team for this kind of events. HAHAHA! We already have a career after college, what do you think?

Photos by Jason Cabrera

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Black Dress

IMG_8880IMG_8862IMG_8870Weird eyes though HAHAHA 😛

IMG_8877Nope, not my cigarette.IMG_8898IMG_8894IMG_8883


Black dress borrowed from Eireen | Necklace borrowed from Nikki | Topshop wedges

So as you can see, I have my very good friends with me who even let me borrow their clothes and accessories for the debut I attended weeks ago. Something came up so I need to use Eireen’s spare dress for that night. The best case scenario happened because it was able to fit me (wew!). Please forgive my awkward hand poses in this blog post because as I have mentioned in my previous posts, it is very rare for me to wear sleeveless clothes and doing a shoot with it was definitely a struggle. I also did my make-up here because I  was able to absorb all the “kaartehan” on that day. I’m not sure tho if I did a good job back there so you guys should do the judging here. I’m in need of your feedback (Hahaha!).

My college friends and I went all the way from Baguio to Tanay, Rizal to attend the debut of our “nanay” Mai-Mai. It was a very fun experience for us because we were able to experience Manila life for a day. We experienced all the sweating, jeepney, bus, and FX rides, and a lot of walking. Yes, it was really tiring but a very fulfilling experience because we were able to come back in Baguio healthy and ALIVE. Also, the fact that  we were doing the dressing up and experimenting with each other’s faces and hairs at Mai’s house was EPIC enough for me.

BTW, Hello October!

Too many memories for September tho. I was able to facilitate during Graders Convention of CMLI, our Manila-Rizal experience, tons of acad works and surprise SocAn LE, lots of OOTDs, pigging-out at its finest, doing a pre-debut shoot with Ellaine, too many to mention campus embarrassing moments, and most of all kinilig-ng-konti-at-nasaktan-ng-bongga. There were a lot of things happened to me and most of them are not good enough for keeps but I can say that I have a lot of things realized and learned. I hope I will have a great October ahead of me, and of course you guys too. Thanks for reading! Love lots.

Photos by Nikki Paglomutan

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Trouble Trouble







Forever21 muscle tee| Black jacket from Hong Kong | Janylin booties

Okay, I’m having this Taylor Swift kind of weekend right now because her songs make me feel better. It’s been a crappy week for me– lots of acads, poor time management, laundry (urgh), and rejections. So yeah, that’s the story behind the title of my blog post.

A few weeks back, we did this activity in our Speech Communication 101 class wherein we need to “power dress-up”. We need to wear something really different from our usual get-up. Not only that, we need to visit a public place and accomplish a certain task. So my task was to help a stranger bring their belongings which is obviously NOT heavy. Okay, that task was really weird! And when I did the task, the stranger really thought I am out of my mind and he was looking at me like I’m going to steal his cookies.

So I chose this look because it’s far from the usual clothes I wear in the campus. I look like a rebel and emo here. Very dark! (Like what I feel right now </3 =( ='( Okay, never mind that) I always wear skirt and colorful stuff. I don’t wear make-up or any coloring on my face so I thought maybe I can change it by wearing eyeliner and dark red lipstick.

I really enjoyed the activity because…….DRESS-UP! ❤

P.S. The photos are from my iPad that’s why I’m really sorry for the low quality shots.

Photos by: Nikki Paglomutan

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Macau: The Venetian Hotel


( Before anything else, congratulate me for having my hair shorter! LOL. It’s been 5 years already since the last time I had my hair this short. )

Hi everyone! Last week my tita decided to bring me to Macau and Hong Kong for my post 18th Birthday celebration. It was my first year high school dream to visit Macau because I was an avid fan of Boys Over Flowers back then and I fell in love with Macau because of that Koreanovela. I want to experience all the things Jan Di did there especially when she went to The Venetian Hotel.  Luckily, I was able to recreate some when I visited the place. So here’s how my Venetian tour went:

IMG_5590 IMG_5518






IMG_5546IMG_5545IMG_5563IMG_5564IMG_5576IMG_5575IMG_5554Lord Stow’s egg tart is the best. Worth a try!


Macau=expensive stuff



And the highlight of our Venetian experience…..riding the gondola!

IMG_5568IMG_5570IMG_5571A Filipino gondolier 😀



 As you can see, I was able to buy something there regardless of the fact that almost all of the things there are expensive. I found this store with cute shirts and shoes, I’m not sure if it is a local brand there or something. The price of the items are reasonable enough, so I was able to convince myself to buy something. If you visit Macau, this store is a must on your checklist. AND, they are always on sale! Pull & Bear 😀



Jacket from Hong Kong |  Forever 21 sweatshirt | Just G skirt | Bag from Bicol souvenir shop | SM Dept. Store shoes

I apologize for some blurry shots. My tita was having a hard time taking those shots because she’s not used to using SLR cameras. But anyway, this trip was definitely one for the books! Cheers! 😀

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Forever 21 maxi skirt | Clutch borrowed from lola | Rusty Lopez gladiator heels | Ring from Robinson’s Dept. Store

Hi dear readers! I’m really sorry if it took me forever to update my blog. The almost-five-months summer vacation really inspired me to work my ass out and change my lazy lifestyle. I dared myself to start the two-month challenge of Insanity because a lot of people are talking about it because of the amazing transformation it will give you afterwards. I enjoyed everything about it that I almost forgot that I have this precious blog of mine. 

I did this shoot early May with my very good friend Danna Calleja. I was hesitant to post this because obviously I still have those baby fats in my tummy. But I don’t know what got in to me today that I decided to post this now. I’m really pushing myself hard to have another shoot without those fats anymore. I’m really looking forward to it and I hope you guys too. 

Stay updated! Thank you.

P.S I know, my hair looks really weird and it really needs help. Haha. Planning to have a haircut and a darker hair color next week! But for now, enjoy 😀

Photos by Danna Calleja

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